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Bunnies By  Alexis
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Holland Lop Rabbitry

This website has retired. You can now find us at: www.bunniesbyalexis.com


Bunnies By Alexis is a small Holland Lop rabbitry located in Lutz, Florida. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect rabbit, so we place high priority on training all of our rabbits to make them as easy to handle as possible. This is great for any new or inexperienced owners, as well as younger handlers like 4-H or FFA members. We feed some of the highest quality food available (Oxbow brand pellets/hay and organic locally grown vegetables) to start your rabbit off on the right foot for a long healthy life. In addition, each rabbit is guaranteed daily time out of their cage to run around. We're offering both show rabbits and companion rabbits. However, companion rabbits may not come with a pedigree. For more information please read our sales policy.  

Bunnies By Alexis is an officially registered rabbitry by the ARBA. Our Rabbitry Number: D3582

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Florida State Fair Show
(February, 2016)

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Bobblehead Bunny

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